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The Art Legacy League is dedicated to preserving and promoting the tradition of art education principles developed by
Father Edward M. Catich


The Art Legacy League invites those who wish to contribute to the enhancement of art, culture and community to join us. We host classes, workshops and other special events in our studio. The contributions of our volunteer crew are sincerely appreciated. We welcome you to contact us to learn more about volunteering with ALL.
(563) 343-2868‬


Amy S. Nielsen, President
George Rashid, Vice President 
Bruce E. Wood, Treasurer
Paul P. Herrera, Board Member
John Bald, Board Member
Jeff Young, Board Member
Donna Young, Board Member

The Board of Directors of the Art Legacy League

has determined that our interests lie in the list of goals shown below. The first and last of these are critical. The first because the preservation and survival of Catich artifacts in good condition is essential to their use; the last is critical because without sufficient funding the remaining goals could not be achieved.


1. Preserve in accordance with the standards of professional art conservators the artworks of the late Reverend Edward M. Catich within the structure of a gallery truly dedicated to his work.


2. Sponsor or conduct educational and training activities in calligraphy and related graphic arts skills with special emphasis on Father Catich’s precepts and teachings.


3. Establish and maintain documentation and records of Catich artworks.


4. Make Catich artwork accessible to the public.


5. Initiate and oversee the reproduction and distribution of his drawings, watercolors, and calligraphic works on paper and in stone.


6. Develop and oversee the publication and distribution of materials appropriate to the organization’s education and training mission.


7. Develop and nurture through educational, training and promotional means a broad nation-wide constituency of individuals, business firms, foundations, museums and other institutions directly concerned with or otherwise interested in the graphic arts, their future development and future supply of well-skilled practitioners. Secure the financial support of members of this constituency.

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