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We had a young artist visit us at the Art Legacy League during his winter holiday break from school. Jason Canfield, 9 years old from Stevensville Michigan, stopped in to show us his latest masterpiece. Look how much it resembles one of Fr. Catich's abstract watercolor paintings. He shared a few other pieces of his work from his portfolio on an earlier trip to Davenport. That was when we invited him to stop in at the Art Legacy League the next time he came to town. We were so pleased to see him again. Keep up the excellent work Jason. We look forward to seeing even more of your artistic creativity!

President Amy S. Nielsen
creates a keepsake for Archbishop Zinkula

Amy C, Novak, EdD

President of St. Ambrose University

Art Legacy League President Amy S. Nielsen recently completed a hand-cut image of St. Ambrose for Archbishop Thomas Zinkula, formerly Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Davenport.

Her image of St. Ambrose was greatly inspired by an original image designed by Father E. M. Catich. Amy was a student of Father Catich at St. Ambrose College (now University). This is her third such portrait slate of St. Ambrose directly commissioned by the Office of Dr. Amy C. Novak, President of St. Ambrose University.

Amy Nielsen may be contacted at:

Thomas R. Zinkula

Archbishop, Archdiocese of Dubuque, Iowa

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