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Internationally known Typeface Designers Rob Keller and Kimya Gandhi both visiting from India to learn stone cutting at ALL. Paul Herrera, Lead instructor and Amy Nielsen, co-instructor have been working with both Rob and Kimya for the past few weeks. They are in Moline for a month visiting their parents. Several years ago Kimya and Rob gave a power point presentation to ALL regarding their typefaces. They have purchased several of Catich books from ALL and their interest in his research and inscription carving methods have grown over the years.

Kimya Gandhi is a type designer from Mumbai with a passionate interest in Indic type design. Kimya holds a Bachelors degree in Communication Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bombay. She further went on to pursue specialization in the form of M.Des in Visual Communication at the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay. She got her professional start interning at Linotype in 2010. Over the next few years she freelanced for several type foundries catering to their multi-script requirements. In 2015 she became a partner at Mota Italic and now focuses on Indic and Latin designs for retail and custom corporate projects.

When not drawing typefaces, Kimya regularly teaches type design and typography at several design institutes. She also stays active creating custom wedding invitations.

Kimya's piece is in Sanskrit and means LETTERFORM

Rob Keller is a typeface designer originally from the corn/soybean fields of Illinois. He attended the University of Illinois where he earned Bachelor degrees in both Graphic Design and Ceramics. From 2006-07 he attended the University of Reading, England, for the MA in Typeface Design program. Immediately after, he moved to Frankfurt, Germany, for a one year stint at Linotype before relocating to Berlin and starting Mota Italic in 2008. Since then he’s been devoted to full time type design creating new retail and custom fonts. You can find more of his photos, art, and interests over at his blog You Should Like Type Too.

Mota Italic is a type design studio specializing in original type families for print and screen since 2008. All of our fonts have wide language support, often contain multiple scripts, and always have numerous OpenType features. We create meticulously refined typefaces that withstand the aesthetic and technical test of time. Our unique fonts and merchandise are available exclusively at

You can read more about their work on their website,

Kimya cutting!

Rob cutting!

Kimya's design is ready to cut!

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