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Guest Typographers Learn Stone Cutting!

Rob Keller and Kimya Gandhi of Motaitalic were in the Quad Cities for the holidays. Their home base is Mumbai, India. The Art Legacy League was pleased to provide this husband/wife team of typographer lettering artists with a seminar on inscription cutting and send them home with their completed slates. The attached photographs tell the story. They began by writing Imperial Romans with the broad edged brush. They then transferred their designs to slate using the pointed brush. They then cut with mallet and chisel, gilt with gold, and finished with a protective seal coat.

Design painted on the stone in preparation for cutting.

Measuring and placing the design on the stone.

Cutting the design,

Cutting the design.

Gilding the stone.

Gilding the stone.

Working in The Art Legacy League Home Room at The JB Young Opportunity Center.

Here our guests are working inThe Art Legacy League "Home Room" in the JB Young Opportunity Center. We offer classes here and also private tutoring.

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